Camouflage Ape Head Hoodie


  • The fabric is made of 380 grams of double-yarn cotton terry, and the fabric is all washed and pre-shrunk before cutting, and the texture is super comfortable
  • The version is stiff, not easy to deform, does not fade, comfortable and breathable, and dyed threads, making the whole clothes more coordinated
  • The printing adopts 3D inkjet painting process, the surface is smooth and smooth, the color is beautiful, and it is not easy to fall off.
  • The dyed rib in the same tank has no color difference. The two classic joint names interpret the ape-man fashion. The classic ape-man head logo + NB design on the chest is simple and clear. The combination of the two slogans on the back reflects the fusion of trends.
Camouflage Ape Head Hoodie
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