CREW Slogan Print Hoodie


  • Printing: The printing material is made of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic baby-certified materials; the printing outline is clear and clean, with the texture of the Kornit machine; if the clothes need to be cleaned, it is recommended to turn them over and wash them by hand to protect the printing
  • Fabric: 26 counts of combed cotton + 10 counts of cotton, with a weight of 400G. The fabric is made of domestic Xinjiang high-quality cotton yarn. Xinjiang cotton is recognized as an excellent material among domestic cotton
  • The fabric is woven with the internationally recognized Fukuhara knitting machine. The fabric has clear texture, good resilience, strong wrinkle resistance, good wear resistance and air permeability, skin-friendly, not easy to loose, and has a long-lasting widening effect. The fabric gloss, Good strength and wear resistance, small shrinkage rate, and good skeleton feeling. The pure cotton cloth is produced by the air-flow liquid cylinder, and the environmental protection dyeing meets the national first-class product requirements, and it is not easy to fade, and it is not easy to appear creases and claw marks
  • Version: OS version, the sewing machine needle uses a No. 9 round needle, which does not puncture or break the fibers of the fabric, and the density of the thread is 3CM/14 needles, tight and not loose and not sparse
CREW Slogan Print Hoodie
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