Eco-friendly series wave LOGO short-sleeved T-shirt


  • 280g double-ply double-yarn combed fabric is air-spun; the texture is solid and the air-breathing process of the upper body is guaranteed;
  • Main washing label customization / special BLG main label sewing / elevator leather rope hanging/neckline pure cotton reinforcement strip and double car chain after the quality inspection.
  • The small neckline design/1*1 custom-woven thread optimizes the shape of the entire T-shirt, and the upper body has a more textured effect, which is different from the version that collapsed to the collarbone in the market! The thread is tight, thick and washable, and it will not become a lotus leaf collar. Even if it is worn out and folds, it will have a retro feel
Eco-friendly series wave LOGO short-sleeved T-shirt
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