Forest Cloud Sea Print Short Sleeve


  • The embryo cloth is dyed at high temperature and environmentally friendly to ensure that each tank is aligned with the original color. After the tank is released, it is washed at high temperature to ensure the hand feeling and reduce the shrinkage rate. The hand feels heavy and thick, and the surface is smooth and delicate. The black comes in a haute couture active black.
  • Accessories and workmanship details: the back collar webbing wraps extend to the shoulders for reinforcement, pay attention to the details, and the connection between the wellhead and the shoulders is backstitched for a more seamless connection.
  • For printing, the imported soil oval white ink is used for direct injection. People in the industry will basically understand it in seconds when they get started. It is extremely costly. First of all, this machine is not affordable for ordinary small factories. It is different from ordinary digital direct injection. It can restore the original version to the maximum extent, and the texture of the hands is like nothing, it will not make you feel that it is printed, and the feel that is integrated with the fabric, the slurry coating needs to be imported
Forest Cloud Sea Print Short Sleeve
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