Knitted Lapel Polo Sweater Jacket


  • The design inspiration of the new 1977 series comes from the birth year of the principal Jerry, which is very commemorative. The huge logo design not only retains the original design style of the brand, but also is very unique and eye-catching, easy to wear and recognizable at the same time.
  • Today, this model is based on the POLO sweater released in the seventh season, and it uses a special wool material. A new long-sleeved POLO sweater was born! Of course, the chest of this sweater also has a unique mark of 1977, which makes people able to distinguish at a glance.
  • The whole sweater is made of special core yarn as the main raw material. Strong twist, thick, and non-deformation is the unique feature of this fabric! Knitted by 5-needle computerized flat knitting machine. The clothes as a whole use single-sided flat stitch as the main fabric structure
Knitted Lapel Polo Sweater Jacket
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