Limited Bear LOGO Short Sleeve


  • The bright colors of the brand’s unrestrained color matching add a touch of vitality to the hot summer, which is also its most special and attractive place.
  • In order to make the quality of the printing, a total of 6 times of debugging were carried out on different surface cloths before making large-scale goods. Due to the uneven pressure of the traditional manual printing platen scraper, the effect of the original version could not be achieved, so when making large-scale goods, we used elliptical machine printing and scraping. The pressure is stable and the oil is evenly sealed without overflow
  • Before the cut pieces are printed on the stage, infrared positioning should be done to ensure the accuracy of the printing position. The advantage of the printing part after drying is that the three-dimensional effect is strong. The printing surface is prominent and the expansion printing material must be imported. The price is very expensive. , The long rib design of the hem and cuffs makes the whole dress look very loose, but the upper body is not dragged at all with a sense of luxury. The daily commuting trend can be comfortable and versatile in any occasion.
Limited Bear LOGO Short Sleeve
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