Paris Home Multilingual Hoodie


  • The shoulder seam design increases the difficulty of the cutting machine and the lathe. Laser positioning can be used to accurately cut the collar circle
  • The heavy-duty printing of the front and back of the body is made of Japanese imported water slurry to ensure that the bottom cover does not fall off and the hand feels smooth. There are many design details on the pattern that need to be processed in one step, otherwise the later modification will cost more eye drops. Rich and layered color
  • Using 100% cotton imported from Italy with 21s double yarn 420g 1×1 thread, ZP custom weaving and dyeing 400g heavy fabric high-density felt cotton knitted fabric, this style has extremely high requirements on the dyeing process, and needs to use imported dyes for color contrast process. The fastness reaches the national standard level 4 to ensure non-staining
  • Special terry style, the fabric is rough, loose and soft, and the high-weight fabric makes the whole sweater more flat and very stylish
Paris Home Multilingual Hoodie
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