Red Brown Down Jacket


  • The fabric is made of genuine high-density nylon fabric + DWR water-repellent treatment. This fabric is light, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. DWR is a defense line for water molecules to penetrate the fabric. The main function is to block water molecules on the surface of the fabric, and this treatment will enhance the fabric. Breathability
  • The down is filled with high-quality 700 high-bulk duck down certified by the RDS Alliance, which has better thermal insulation performance, is light and not heavy, and has good bulkiness recovery after compression, and heat locks in temperature.
  • Adjustable hem with built-in drawcord on the hem to tighten the hem in cold and windy weather, which can effectively prevent cold wind from entering the hem
  • Personalized color matching design, fresh and energetic
Red Brown Down Jacket
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