Reflective MA-1 Bomber Jacket


  • The fabric is selected from imported woven fabrics, with high internal strength and weight, and full cotton, which is thick and not bloated.
  • There is a side pocket on the chest, and there are diagonally inserted cotton pockets on the left and right sides of the front. It has a very user-friendly thermal design. There is a small tooling pocket on the sleeve, and a small LOGO print is very classic.
  • There is a simple and eye-catching inverted letter LOGO reflective horizontal strip on the back. The overall appearance of the clothes has tooling elements without losing casual elements. The threads of the whole clothes are made of 2 layers of fine threads, which can show individuality without lack of comfort.
  • The original YKK trapeze double zipper hardware, the flight padded jacket that sports hipsters like, incorporates the essence of AJ
Reflective MA-1 Bomber Jacket
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