Reversed Letter Embroidered Short Sleeves


  • Huafu dyed yarn is used, and the weight of the fabric is 230g, which is very thick
  • Looms imported from Japan, fixed weaving and dyeing fabrics, yarn using 18SJC, combed cotton, washed with water
  • The threads are dyed in the same cylinder, and the color and dyeing are fixed. The embroidery adopts 80 pieces of 3 strands of cotton thread, and adopts the oblique 45° dense stitch embroidery + needle flat embroidery, and the embroidery effect is smooth, delicate and three-dimensional
  • Produced by Tajima embroidery machine imported from Japan, 50,000 stitches of high-density embroidery. The interface of each embroidery is very round and three-dimensional. The spacing of the letters is all the same as the original version. The font size is the same as the original version. strict counterpoint
  • Highly restore the spacing ratio and three-dimensional effect, the effect of the pattern is fully restored, the double-layer stitching on the back collar is firm and tight, the double-chain stitching on the shoulders, the hem is tight, the fabric is full of drape, and the pattern is consistent
Reversed Letter Embroidered Short Sleeves
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