Smiley Washed Distressed Denim Jacket


  • 100% COTTON made of indigo slub denim
  • The three-dimensional drawn smiley face pattern on the back of denim clothes is a high-frequency voltage. High-frequency voltage needs to coat a layer of silicone on the back of the print to ensure its three-dimensional effect and play a reinforcing role.
  • Hook yarn, brushed, graphite, nitrate, re-rinsing, and spraying on garments are made of four-fold process superimposition, and the clothes show a very natural nostalgic effect after the whole set of processes
  • Open mold customized drawn smiling face copper I-shaped buckle, the surface buckle has been oxidized and aged, and the slim fit design has a high-street feel
Smiley Washed Distressed Denim Jacket
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