Vintage Washed Distressed Short Sleeves REPLICA


  • Top-level re-engraving, heavy-duty garment washing, full of high street style, the upper body is handsome! 32 pieces of 240g high-quality long-staple cotton fabrics are selected, and the surface is etched. The color of the fabric itself is active black. After the sand washing process, it naturally fades into a light washing black, which is skin-friendly and comfortable, very advanced and more textured!
  • Seiko tailoring, the whole body three-thread stitching process, the back collar webbing wrapping extends to the shoulders for reinforcement, and the loose version is completely unobtrusive. In terms of printing details, imported mucilage is used in ancient ways to crack and print, and it is made of old and heavy work. Customized high-grade satin label, 100% heavy-duty good goods
Vintage Washed Distressed Short Sleeves REPLICA
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